"I have far less stress, a lot more energy, far more confidence, feel happier, and I am earning an extra $30,000 a month." - Ilona Miller, California, USA - one of Hans' "personal coaching" clients

Hans DeJong is offering both personal and corporate coaching services. Far more customized and interactive than a standard seminar, Hans' dynamic coaching has increased productivity and multiplied revenues exponentially for his clients.

For the individual, Hans' specialized one-on-one guidance will help you determine your obstacles, navigate through them, and keep you on track for success.

For business and corporate clients, Hans can assist in helping management to spark motivation and inspiration in their personnel, all while maintaining a positive work environment.

Hans' coaching sessions also lend you access to his keen marketing insights. His sharp intellect, innovative concepts, and solid understanding of "why people do the things that they do" make him a formidable weapon in the marketplace. Hans can analyze, identify, and advise you on the most psychologically effective methods of reaching your target audience.

For more information, please email hans@hansdejong or call (714) 283-4450.